Why Canada is First Choice for Punjabis / PR In Canada

Why is Canada the First Choice for Punjabis?

Are you Also Searching for the Same Question while planning to find Jobs in Canada? Then here’s the Detailed answer.

Canada is Called as Second Home for Punjabis, whether it’s from Indian Punjab or Pakistani Punjab, and also a lot of jobs in Canada for Punjabis. 

Interestingly, how to Study Abroad, How to Get PR in Europe, and How to Get PR in Canada is the most searched Question in both India And Pakistan. But Canada is almost a Priority for the Punjabis.

Are you Also curious to know about the facts regarding this? Here’s the detailed answer to this query. 

  • Flourishing Economy of Canada & Jobs In Canada

The Biggest Reason of course, why Canada is always a First Choice for Punjabis is the Flourishing Economy of Canada. 2 Trillion Dollar economy with Near to 5% GDP Rate, it’s always a Welcoming Country for Immigrants. A lot of Jobs are available for students and new Immigrants and that’s why People are eager to get the opportunity to enter Canada.


  • 1 Million Punjabis in Canada

Do you know how many Punjabis are already residing in Canada? It’s One million which is about 2.4% of the total population of Canada. So this feels like the second home for Punjabis.

  • Indian Pakistani Foods

Can you Imagine how many Indian Restaurants are available in Canada? It’s more than 3500. Still Curious why Punjabis (The Foodies) are so eager to get PR in Canada..?? I don’t think so…

Punjabi Foods

  • Beautiful Country

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world where you will see the mighty Niagara Falls, Beautiful Snow everywhere, and Unbelievable Scenes around you.

Beautiful Canada

  • Weather

It might be Astonishing for most of you as Canadians themselves are annoyed due to the Frosting Weather, but this is very attractive for Punjabis. Yes, you heard it right, living with nearly 50c all their life is like living in Heaven for Punjabis when they find snow everywhere.










So these are some of the facts that may answer the query besides the factor of the urge to improve the living standard, why Canada is the First Choice for Punjabis, and why they are always eager to get PR in Canada. Are you willing to apply for a Job in Canada? Here’s the Link to the Latest available there.https://blogginett.com/job-in-canada-for-pakistanis/.

Also, go and visit the official website of further details and procedure for Immigration in Canada. https://www.canada.ca/en/services/immigration-citizenship.html

We wish everyone trying to Migrate to Canada, Good Luck..

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