Free Study in Europe for International Students

Free Education in Europe for International Students

Are you looking to study in Europe for Free? Are you also looking for a Country that offers Free Education for International Students?  Here you will find the exact answer.

Nowadays, most students are trying to get a Free Study Visa in Europe. And always in Search of Free Education in Europe. But is that easy enough? Not Really…

Free Study in Europe

Most searches ended up at Scholarship programs that don’t guarantee you free Education in Europe because Scholarship is always with Limited seats and of course, needs very high grades..

So what’s the Solution, is there any country that actually offers Free Education for International Students in Europe also for Non-EU students? Yes… This is Germany…


Yes, Germany allows Free Study for International Students, because higher education is completely free in Germany. So what do you need to do now?

All that you need to make an account on this official website of Germany majority of the Universities accept applications through this. You will log in on this Official Website, select your course, and here is your door to Study in Europe for Free.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Study in Germany:

The most important thing to note is that most of the Degrees in Germany are in German Language, so you must be fluent or at least able to understand the German Language.

Working Hours for International Students in Germany:

Students are allowed to work for 11 hours a week or 47 hours a Month in Germany while being Students. Please note that it will be very difficult for you to find a Job in Germany if you are not proficient in the German language.

Post-Study Work Visa Germany:

Students can apply for an extended 18-month Job Seeking Visa, known as a post-study work visa after completion of their degree. This extra 18-month period will be extended if you find a Job in Germany and this will be converted to Work Visa.

Cost of Living in Germany for Students:

The cost of Living in Germany is 21% lower than in the UK.  A student can afford all his expenses in around 700 Euros which is comparatively lower than the UK and USA.

Intakes in Germany for Study:

Germany offers two intakes – summer (April) and winter (September/October) of which Winter is the Primary intake. Most of the Students are enrolled in Winter Intakes which needs you to start your process of applying in May. So if you’re opting to Study in Germany, keep your documents ready before May 2024.

We wish you good luck with your dream of studying in Europe. If you want to apply for a Work Visa in Canada, go through this post which may help you regarding your Goal.

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